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Octant AI

My AI vision for mega projects

My vision for building an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system for the mega projects and major programme community started years before I co-founded Endeavour Programme.

My AI invention, Octant AI, helps mega project and major programme deliverers, sponsors, owners and financiers everywhere to reduce time and cost overruns. Octant AI does this by using powerful machine learning technology that finds patterns in huge volumes of project data to spot problems earlier and more accurately than human experts. The technology then advises leaders how to bring the project back on track. Read more +

Global Project-Tech Alliance

New global technology alliance tackles project time and cost overruns

We have joined forces with global engineering, management and development firm Mott MacDonald, and international cost consultants WT Partnership to form a global technology alliance.

The alliance will implement world-leading AI technology on large-scale projects, introducing a data-driven approach to project management, providing the opportunity to better manage projects of any kind globally. Read more +


Tech entrepreneur solving mega-projects time and money

Oxford University Associate Scholar Cuong Quang is tackling issues that surround the effective delivery of mega-projects through his innovative artificial intelligence experience and research.

His technology and engineering solutions have already saved his clients tens of millions of dollars so far and have been improving productivity in the project industry for more than 15 years. Read more +