Octant AI - Artificial Intelligence

Octant AI is Endeavour Programme’s proprietary artificial intelligence software solution. It works by combining hundreds of millions of historical project management data points with tailored machine learning algorithms to enable more accurate and faster project management decisions.

Endeavour Programme’s Octant AI prediction product forecasts final cost and project profitability, using powerful algorithms and extensive industry data. Octant AI reduces cost and time overruns by providing project decision makers with more accurate and earlier project outcome forecasts, allowing for more informed decisions with more certainty.

Octant AI is cloud based and runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) which is secure, easy to use, integrates with most corporate data warehousing systems and operates across any device. It is accessed online in a SaaS format.

Octant AI powered by Endeavour Programme
We can predict problems on major projects up to 90% faster
And up to four times more accurately, allowing our clients to reach decisions significantly faster,
And more cost effectively