The Problem

Projects worldwide chronically suffer from time and cost overruns. The larger the project, the bigger the problem. Current project management methods struggle to cope, and research shows the problem is not improving.

The Solution

The experience of past projects, combined with new technologies, helps us break the cycle of project failure in a way not even imaginable a few years ago.

Big Data and Machine learning is driving a fundamental change to the way we manage projects. We can now dynamically predict critical factors and find better ways to avoid problems and manage issues.

With AI we can overcome human limitations, mitigate the effects of random events, and manage complex problems with complex solution finding algorithms.

Read more about Endeavour Programme’s Octant AI solution here.

Good quality and well-structured data is also critical to the success of AI. We are collaborating with governments, private companies and researchers to develop a deep understanding of how project data is commonly structured and how it can be used for AI insights.

AI market growth by 45% to 63% annually
Global construction market forecast to be US$17.5 trillion annually by 2030
Predictive maintenance and decision management