At Endeavour Programme we seek to make a global change, and to do so we partner with the best and most progressive firms and people around the world.

Endeavour Programme has entered into an agreement with global engineering, management and development consultancy Mott MacDonald and international commercial and cost consultant WT Partnership.

The purpose of this tripartite agreement is to combine the capabilities of the three firms to establish them as the global leaders in AI powered management of major projects across a range of industries.

By combining the most advanced AI technology with domain expertise, innovative drive, established reputation and worldwide coverage, the alliance is a catalyst for a new data-driven paradigm of project management.

Global Project-Tech Alliance - Endeavour Programme, Mott MacDonald and WT Partnership

Teaming Partners

Endeavour Programme has formal teaming agreements with highly credentialed firms. We work closely with them to bring the combined expertise to large complex projects around the world.

Oxford Global Projects

Oxford Global Projects (OGP) is a firm founded by leading Oxford University academics.

Led by Professor Bent Flyvbjerg, the world’s most cited megaproject scholar, the firm is a leading authority on the performance of major programmes and megaprojects. Professor Flyvbjerg’s research into the causes and cures for project overruns has been foundational to the approach taken by in Octant AI.

Based in the UK, with a focus on disruptive thinking and delivering tools and learning that facilitates success, OGP brings an unequalled level of strategic insight to its clients. are an AI spin-out company from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford. We are collaborating with DeepReason through our other collaboration partner Oxford Global Projects. have developed a powerful AI technology using graph databases that is highly complementary to our core AI technologies. We are excited to work with DeepReason who are at the forefront of modern AI.

Core Project Advisory

Core Project Advisory provides project advisory and project management services to more than $8B of building and infrastructure projects for both private and public sector clients.


Collaborate with us and our partners

We are seeking collaborators who want to join us on this journey of discovery. It is a challenging path and our ambitious agenda requires committed and innovative organisations and people.

The issues of data suitability, organisational impact and innovation readiness represent real challenges for many organisations. However, it is inevitable that projects will engage AI, and organisations working with the best and most sophisticated AI innovation will lead the change.

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